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How to adjust the right temperature to store different wine?

How to adjust the right temperature to store different wine?

Update Time:2022/9/26
How to adjust the right temperature to store different wine?

For collecting or aging white wine and red wine, they should be stored at about 12-14 celsius degree. The double temperature zone wine cooler  can separate red wine and white wine.

Single temperature zone wine cooler

In order to use a single temperature zone wine cooler to store red wine and white wine at the same time, it is best to adjust the temperature to 12-14 celsius degree. Different types of single temperature area wine coolers have their own ideal temperature setting,our wine cooler setting temperature range is 5-20 celius degree.  The temperature at 12 celsius degree can ensure a moderate temperature for red wine in case that the quality of wine should not be affected only with its ripening process being slowed down even this temperature is much too lower for some kinds of red wine.


Double temperature zone wine cooler

We may use double temperature zone wine cooler to store white wine and red wine for taste by independently adjusting the temperature of two areas. Temperature of the area used for storing red wine can be set at 10-18 celsius degree, while temperature of area for storing white wine can be set at 7-10 celsius degree.


So, the choice depends on your use . Of course, the dual zone wine cooler can make your use more flexible, meeting your demands for storage and taste at the same time.

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