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What is the ambient temperature condition to use the wine cooler ?

What is the ambient temperature condition to use the wine cooler ?

Update Time:2022/9/26

Our wine cooler setting temperature is 5~20°C,it can be used at ambinet temperature from 8°C~38°C(41-68°F),climate class is N,SN,ST.Some models we can do T class,which is the aminet temperature reach 43°C.At this range ambinet temperture,the wine cooler can be normal use and cooling temperature  range is 5-20°C。If the ambinet temperature higher than 43°C,the wine cooler cooling temperature can not down to 5°C,it may be can just down to 8°C。So users need to use the wine cooler in the normal ambinet temperature.

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1. Generally, the setting temperature of the double-temperature zone wine fridge cabinet  refers to the type of stored wine. For household red wine and white wine, the temperature is 12°C and 8°C respectively. For commercial use, only one type of wine may be stored, which can be adjusted according to actual needs.

2. The double-temperature constant temperature wine cabinet has two temperature zones. Generally, the upper temperature zone is 5 to 14 degrees, and there are other wine cabinets that are 5 to 12 degrees. The temperature of the main storage white wine is between 12 and 14 degrees. The lower temperature zone is 15 to 22 degrees, and the suitable storage temperature for red wine is between 15 and 18 degrees.

3. 5~20° adjustable range. The temperature adjustment methods of the compressor wine cabinet are generally divided into two types: mechanical temperature control and electronic temperature control. The mechanical temperature control is controlled by a mechanical thermostat, generally divided into 4-5 gears, each gear is 2-3 ℃, the temperature control is not very accurate, but the stability is high and the use time is long. The electronic temperature control is controlled by the computer board, with a display screen, and the temperature can be adjusted every degree.

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