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Custom Built Under Beverage Coolers

Custom Built Under Beverage Coolers

Josoo custom beverage coolers offer businesses a high-quality and customizable refrigeration solution with a monthly production capacity of 6,000 units.

Our under-counter beverage coolers are not only space-saving and convenient to install, but they also provide large storage capacity with adjustable shelves to accommodate different types of beverages. The coolers are equipped with a temperature control system that ensures optimal storage conditions, and they can be customized to fit different business needs with additional features such as LED lights, electronic displays, and automatic defrosting. The easy-to-clean design ensures that our coolers operate efficiently for extended periods with minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for different commercial environments such as hotels, supermarkets, and fast-food restaurants.

We provide a range of options, including different colors, customizable logos, and varying capacities that can be assembled into complete series of products. Our coolers are designed to meet EU energy efficiency standards, ensuring superior cooling performance in an environmentally conscious way. Plus, our products are equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, further reducing their environmental impact.With the use of high quality materials and strict quality control, we also produce beverage coolers that are reliable and long lasting. And the coolers are equipped with advanced safety features, such as power failure memory function and automatic thermostat protection to ensure safe and reliable operation of the products. In addition, we provide excellent after-sales service, including free parts under warranty and 24-hour customer support, to give our customers added peace of mind.

We appeal to B2B customers who are looking for refrigeration equipment that meets their specific needs. We offer customizable, energy-efficient, safe and easy-to-maintain refrigeration solutions, making them ideal for commercial users who value quality and cost efficiency. Contact us today to learn how our coolers can benefit your business.
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