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Custom Built Under Wine Coolers

Custom Built Under Wine Coolers
Josoo custom undercounter wine coolers, available in black or stainless steel, our custom wine coolers are perfect for a variety of commercial environments such as restaurants, bars and hotels, fitting seamlessly into any kitchen or room design and any commercial space, the undercounter is not only aesthetically pleasing and space saving, the constant temperature and humidity is innovative to ensure optimal wine storage conditions. With light control, low vibration operation and automatic adjustment according to set temperature and humidity, our undercounter wine coolers are available in capacities from 60L-450 liters and with their low noise levels and energy efficiency ratings, our wine coolers offer a reliable and cost effective solution for wine storage. A space-saving solution for those who want to display their wine collection and want to be comfortable and quiet without taking up too much space.

At Josoo, we offer custom OEM/ODM services to brands, distributors and wholesalers for wholesale custom solutions. Our team of professionals creates unique, custom wine coolers and humidors to meet your specific needs. We are committed to providing high quality custom services and products that help our partners achieve business success.

Please note that we focus on custom customers and do not accept retail customers. If you have any questions or custom requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer a full range of wine cabinet and humidor solutions and services to ensure the perfect storage for your wines. Contact us today to discuss your wine storage needs and let us help you create the perfect custom wine cooler for your business.
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Whether you are a brand agent, retail wholesaler, or individual customizer, we offer a full range of wine cooler sourcing services. You are warmly welcome to write your requirements to us.