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Josoo Wine Cooler Solution Supplier

Josoo brings you sleek, stylish and compact wine fridges in various colours, sizes and styles. the current lead time is around 45 days.

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Compressors Cigar Humidor

Compressors Cigar Humidor



Cigar Humidor

Josoo brings you sleek, stylish and compact wine fridges in various colours, sizes and styles.

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Custom Wine Storage, Beverage Cooling, and Cigar Humidor Solutions - Designed by Josoo R&D

Whether you are a wine cooler agent, supermarket chain store, wine cooler wholesaler, wine cooler home improvement market, wine cooler distributor, wine cooler hotel engineering contractor or wine cooler e-commerce business. We are one of the professional wine cabinet manufacturers in China able to pass the ErP requirements. The current lead time is around 45 days.

Josoo - Your Trusted Wine Cooler Factory for High-Quality Wine Storage Solutions

Josoo - Your Professional Manufacturer of Wine and Cigar Coolers in China. Explore Our Luxury Commercial Wine Cooler Series for High-Quality and Stylish Wine Storage Solutions. Our premium commercial wine coolers are designed with state-of-the-art red wine refrigeration technology to ensure your wine collection is always kept in the best storage state. At Josoo, we take pride in our fast-response technical service, allowing you to efficiently make money with our commercial wine coolers. Trust us to provide the perfect wine storage solution for your business needs. Choose Josoo and experience the ultimate in wine and cigar cooling technology.Learn more
Wholesale Wine Coole

Custom Wine Coolers by Josoo - Your Trusted Wine Cooler Manufacturer

As a leading OEM wine cellar cabinet manufacturer in China, Josoo brings you sleek and stylish wine coolers and compact mini fridges in various colors, sizes, and styles. Our wine cooler cabinets are not just for wine connoisseurs, but for anyone who appreciates the art of wine storage. Whether it's for an intimate gathering or a large celebration, our wine coolers can be applied to different life scenarios, ensuring that your wine is always kept in the best storage state.With advanced technology and superior craftsmanship, you can trust that your wine collection will be well taken care of. Choose Josoo wine cooler cabinets for the best wine storage solution for your lifestyle. Experience the perfect combination of style and function with our wine cooler cabinets, designed to elevate your wine storage to the next level.

Josoo's Unique Refrigerated Wine Cooler Provides Optimal Storage for Every Occasion

An JOSOO wine cooler is the perfect addition for any wine lover who wants to make sure they’re always pouring the perfect glass.

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Kitchen Wine Coolers

Kitchen Wine Coolers

Josoo offers compact and stylish wine storage solutions perfect for your kitchen. For optimal wine storage, the kitchen is the ideal location, and our built-in wine coolers, integrated seamlessly with your decor and placed conveniently under the counter, provide both beauty and functionality.

Living Room Wine Coolers

Living Room Wine Coolers

The unique existence of the wine cooler adds a bright light and shadow to the simple European style, which is a display of style and love,

Restaurant Wine Coolers

Restaurant Wine Coolers

The commercial large-capacity wine cooler cabinet not only shows the beautiful side of red wine, but the tightly connected bottle body makes people feel the overall strength, stability and security.

Bar Wine Coolers

Bar Wine Coolers

The soft lighting of the wine cooler cabinet gives people a feeling that time is slowing down, experiencing the beauty of the golden years, making the originally noisy bar appear peaceful and beautiful.

Outdoor Wine Coolers

Outdoor Wine Coolers

For home use, the kitchen is the best place to place the wine cooler, especially the built-in wine cooler, placed under the counter and integrated with the decoration, is the best state of beauty and coolness

Hotel Wine Coolers

Hotel Wine Coolers

For a romantic encounter, open the red wine storage and cooling cabinet, take out the good wine that has been treasured for many years, share the joy of reunion, connect your hearts with love, and find the feeling of coming home.

Office Wine Coolers

Office Wine Coolers

The high-end and atmospheric CEO office shows the most distinguished identity of the owner of the wine cabinet, full of style and feelings.

Josoo Wine Cooler Production Process - Discover Our Expert Manufacturing Techniques

Josoo offers a range of sleek and stylish wine coolers and compact mini fridges, available in various sizes, colors, and styles to meet your unique brand and market needs.
JOSOO Wine Cooler Production Process

Custom Wine Cooler Solutions by Leading Chinese Manufacturer

Josoo - Your Trusted Manufacturer for Customized Wine Coolers, Driven by Innovative Technology. Experience High Quality, Fast Delivery, and Guaranteed Satisfaction.Contact us

JOSOO - The Technology-Driven Wine Cooler Manufacturer

square meter

With a total area of nearly 25,800 square meters


Serving many well-known international brands, with more than 600 cooperative customers, joining JOSOO, JOSOO is a trusted partner of customer value


Zhongshan Josoo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Established in 2007, with professional experience in the production of wine coolers

Product design style: JOSOO Standard products / OEM/ODM
MOQ : 40HQ
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Whether you are a brand agent, retail wholesaler, or individual customizer, we offer a full range of wine cooler sourcing services. You are warmly welcome to write your requirements to us.