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About JOSOO wine cooler
josoo wine cellar manufacturer
Innovative Technology-leading Wine Cooler Manufacturer


Honest + Professional + R&D + Service = JOSOO Wine Cooler

JOSOO is a high-quality manufacturer specializing in the field of household appliances for nearly 20 years, and wine coolers are one of its projects. For the past five years, it has been working on refrigeration products such as smart wine coolers and refrigerators.

JOSOO is a national high-tech enterprise with independent research and development, production and sales of products. Has a monthly production of 5,000 pcs wine coolers.

Industry-leading Technology and Certifications

JOSOO always keeps its products on the market in line with the policy standards of the client's country, backed by industry-leading services and certificates. Our wine cooler products comply with most European and North American entry regulations, and customers are confident in introducing our products into their markets.

Professional Custom Service

JOSOO provides you with one-stop wine cooler solutions, our professional refrigeration team will always be with you, from pre-purchase consultation, sample testing and production, to arranging delivery, and providing visualization services.

High R&D Capability

According to the changing needs of the market, JOSOO continuously develops and upgrades our wine coolers. From appearance design to practical convenience, everything is innovative and breakthrough. JOSOO has its own refrigeration equipment laboratory, and all samples have passed a number of tests before they can be sent to customers. JOSOO has obtained a number of patent certifications, constantly improving the precision control of our wine coolers and making the details more perfect.

Strong Manufacturing Capability

JOSOO has an annual production capacity of 1,000,000,000, and the factory has obtained three system certifications: BSCI Business Social Code of Conduct Certification; ISO9001 Quality Management System; ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, the factory management is based on "quality first"

"As the principle, exquisite industry technology and highly automated production lines ensure precise process, efficient production and stable quality, so that our wine cooler products are more competitive in the market.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Stable Performance

Stable Performance

Stable Supply Chain

Stable Supply Chain

Ex-factory Price

Ex-factory Price

Wine Cooler and Humidor Certification


Wine Cooler and Humidor Patented Technology

Patented Technology

Innovative Technology Constant Temperature and Humidity Wine Cooler

The technical inspiration of JOSOO's innovation has always revolved around consumers. The research and development of the wine cooler should not only consider the appearance, but also the more important practical value. The real technology of the wine cooler lies in the control of temperature and humidity, which is very similar to the temperature and humidity control system. The sensitivity of the temperature and humidity probe will automatically perform fine-tuning mode when the temperature and humidity in the wine cooler starts to exceed the set value of 0.5 degrees to ensure that the temperature in the wine cooler is accurate to within ±2 degrees.

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High Reputation Wine Cabinet Supplier

The fundamental business of JOSOO is integrity! Keeping the contract and paying attention to the credit is the best evaluation of JOSOO from customers all the time.

We are old customers of JOSOO and have been working together for more than five years. Mr. Zhang is a very attractive CEO and keeps his promises, which I appreciate very much, which is very precious


We received the samples very fast and the delivery was very timely !!!They look amazing. The package was superb.


So that I can take to my team in a meeting ,it's beautiful ,I want one to put in my house.


Self-inspection + 100% Quality Inspection + Random Inspection = Quality

The fundamental business of JOSOO is integrity! Keeping the contract and paying attention to the credit is the best evaluation of JOSOO from customers all the time.
  • Electronic Control Board R&D Engineer

    Electronic Control Board R&D Engineer

    In 2022, won the selection of "Top Ten Craftsmen of Huangpu"

    "Customer satisfaction is the greatest reward. As a technician, this is my sense of achievement and happiness

  • BV Authorized Refrigeration Laboratory

    BV Authorized Refrigeration Laboratory

    JOSOO has a refrigeration laboratory authorized by BV, which can provide customers with data reports in a timely manner. For certification, data can be shared and the time and cost of certification can be saved.

  • jOSOO Wine Cooler Circuit Board Workshop

    Circuit Board Workshop

    The core electronic components of the JOSOO wine cooler adopt international first-line brands, and the circuit board is produced by an automatic chip placement machine imported from Japan, and the second solder joint scanning test is carried out to ensure the quality stability of the entire circuit board.

    All wine cooler products have been refrigerated for more than 4 hours, and the aging test is more than 48 hours to ensure the stability of product operation.

    Sampling: Each batch of products is subject to 10% sampling to ensure that the quality of the final product is OK.

Quality Control Testing

Incoming Material Inspection

Incoming Material Inspection

Whether it is our own production of wine cooler accessories or accessories purchased from downstream, we need to do incoming inspection to ensure that each accessory is in line with production standards.

Online Detection

Online Detection

In the production and assembly process of the wine cooler, we need to ensure that each process can work smoothly and orderly, and each process will be tested by professional equipment before proceeding to the next production link.

Packaging Inspection

Packaging Inspection

Appearance and performance: Only qualified wine coolers can be packaged. Our staff will pack them according to customers’ requirements to ensure that the wine coolers will not be damaged during transportation.

* Video inspection available

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