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Find Your Wine Cooler And Humidor Solution

For different types of wine coolers and cigar coolers, we have a variety of solutions that combine intelligence and technology to make life more convenient

Solutions and technologies for wine coolers and humidors

JOSOO has been developing and producing household electrical appliances since 2007. In 2018, a refrigeration equipment laboratory was established to test various safety tests such as the energy efficiency and refrigeration performance of wine coolers, and provide a safety protection solution for refrigeration products. At present, JOSOO has made great breakthroughs in refrigeration technology, and has successfully developed a series of patented products such as a new type of light-off IMD control panel, plastic and metal splicing design. The product is constantly updated and innovative , with more functions and more choices.

Reversible door

Change the door opening direction: This product can change the door opening direction according to the actual installation needs. The door hinge of the product is on the right side. If you need to change the door direction, please follow the steps below.

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Josoo has over 16 years of experience in manufacturing and research and development of home appliances, specializing in technical solutions for wine and beverage coolers, and cigar humidors. 1. 16 years manufacturing experience 2. 10 modern production lines 3. 40+ R&D engineers 4. 30+ QC staff 5. BSCI, REACH, ISO9001
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We offer a full range of wine cooler sourcing services. You are warmly welcome to write us your requirements.