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How to Control Humidity in a Humidor

How to Control Humidity in a Humidor

Sep 5,2022
How to Control Humidity in a Humidor
【cigar humidor humidity】In a closed humidor cabinet, the core of humidification and dehumidification is to control the moisture content of the air in the wine and cigar humidor cabinets refrigerator. 

Although Josoo's mini humidor is only 40L, it can hold a lot of cigars. In terms of humidity control, JOSOO refrigeration engineer Jiang has specially designed a box that can store water tank for commercial cigar humidor and can add water by himself. Water level line mark to add water, add water at one time, automatic moisturizing.

Similarly, we also have large capacity wine cooler and cigar humidor
1 Mark the low, medium and high water mark on the scale center
Add water according to the water tank gauge line.

Add water once, long-term automatic moisturizing
The best storage humidity for cigars is 65%-75%. Above this range, the cigars will be easily extinguished, more laborious when smoking, and mildew spots will appear. Below this range, cigars are prone to drying and cracking. So, how to identify the humidity of cigars?
1. After pressing the cigar, if the cigar does not return to its original state when you stop pressing it, it means that the humidity is too high.

2. When purchasing cigars, a humidor is usually equipped with a humidor, which is often equipped with a hygrometer. If the humidity of the hygrometer is higher than 75%, it means that the humidity is too high.

3. The cigar is more strenuous than ever to smoke, and it is easy to extinguish, indicating that the humidity is too high.

4. There are water stains on the surface of the cigar, and there is a faint musty smell on the cigar. It seems that there are gray-green mildew spots on the surface, which means it is too wet.
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