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What is the MOQ of your wine cooler? Will you accept the small quantity for our trial order?

What is the MOQ of your wine cooler? Will you accept the small quantity for our trial order?

Update Time:2022/9/28

Normally MOQ is 40HQ or negotiation,before placing bulk order,you can buy sample for your testing quality first and we will support you a small order test the market if you need.

The tall container can be combined with different wine cellar models of wine or humidor. A 20GP generally only accepts one type of wine cooler. According to the size of the wine cooler product, a 20GP wine cellars can only hold 20 high wine coolers, and a small size wine cooler can hold a range of 150 units. Therefore, if you choose a smaller wine cooler, you can accept one The order includes two different types of wine coolers, and the 40HQ container can hold more than half of the wine cooler products larger than 20GP. For the specific wine cooler assembly model and quantity, you can contact our wine cooler salesperson for consultation. The MOQ requirements for cabinets are also different. In order to let you know our wine cooler MOQ faster, if you are interested in Josoo wine cooler and humidor or want to buy samples, please click to send an inquiry online, contact us, and quickly get the quotation and combination plan of the wine cooler. Thank you very much for your inquiry, Josoo looks forward to working with you.

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